Jan Kjellström

International Festival

of Orienteering 2017

South East

14th April - 17th April


British Orienteering

UK League


Day 4: Monday 17 April
Relay Race, Pippingford Park

Organiser: Jerry Purkis (Saxons OC)
Planners:   Neil Crickmore (Southdowns Orienteers) with assistance from Steve Jarvis (Southdowns Orienteers)
Controller:  Charles Daniel (Bristol OK)
Mapping:   David Peel (Peel Land Surveys)

Relay classes:

  • Mini Relay
  • M/W40-
  • Intermediate Men (M48-)
  • Men's Trophy
  • Men's short
  • M120+
  • M165+
  • Intermediate Women (W48-)
  • Women's Trophy
  • Women's short
  • W120+
  • W165+
  • Mixed Ad Hoc
  • M/W210+

All runners in a team must be members of the same club in order for the team to be competitive. The exception is the Ad Hoc class, where runners can be from different clubs.

Start Times:
From 10:00 to 11:00 by class, at 10 minute intervals
First Call up 9:40

General parking on a wide grassy slope
Minibus & Motorhome parking on tracks
Coach parking on hardstanding

Approximate location of car parking
Postcode TN22 3HW
More information to follow in the Final Detail

Relay Entries:
Close at midnight on Sunday 19th March. This is one week after individual entries close and is intended to give team captains the opportunity to identify who is competing from their clubs.

Embargo: This competition area is embargoed. Access is only allowed along public roads. Anybody who may need access to the area and wishes to remain competitive should contact the British Orienteering Events & Competitions Committee. For further details click here.

A mixture of semi-natural woodland and heather heathland, with more contours than are usual in the South East. The area has a network of tracks but is otherwise nearly pathless. Earth banks provide line features in some places. Heavy grazing by wild deer helps keep down the woodland ground vegetation whilst Exmoor ponies do a good job of thinning out the heather!