Jan Kjellström

International Festival

of Orienteering 2019

South Central Orienteering Association

19th April - 22nd April


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How to enter the JK

Final Closing Date for entries is Sunday 24th March - Enter Now !

Entries can be made only through our entries provider Fabian4 (opens in new tab).  Pre-entry will close on Sunday 24th March 2019.  Note that Entry on the Day is available only for limited colour classes; all championship classes must be pre-entered.

Any queries regarding your entry should be made to Alun Jones at jkentries@britishorienteering.org.uk

Individual 3 days (including TempO and PreO)

JK championship courses are pre-entered by age class (M/W10 - M/W90).  All championship class competitors must be either a member of British Orienteering, or a member of an IOF affiliated Federation. 

Non-members can only enter the Novice classes (Adult and Junior) on day 1, and colour classes (white, yellow, orange and light green) on days 2 and 3. These classes can be pre-entered; Entry on the Day is also available, but only while map stocks last.

If you are an Elite Foot-O athlete, or if one of the competitors you are entering is entering an Elite Foot-O class, please read our Elite additional notes.

If you are coming from overseas, please see our Overseas additional notes

TempO and PreO can be entered by both members and non-members, by pre-entry or on the Day.  Details of the classes available can be found on the TrailO page.

Emit touch-free emiTags will be used for all four days of competition.

Regrettably, land access charges are unusually high this year, and have had to be reflected in the entry fees.  EmiTags will be provided for all competitors with no hiring fee.  Entry fees also include the cost of car parking

Entries Close       Sunday 24th March 2019

Entry Fees           All charges for this event will be made in Pounds Sterling
                            (Junior / Student* fees in brackets)

* Junior is defined as an individual aged 20 or under on 31st December 2019.
* Student
is anyone aged 21 or over on 31st December 2019 and in full time education.

Foot Orienteering

Entries by





Days 2 and 3 - per day


Colour coded

Sunday 24th Mar

£21 (£11)

£18 (£9)

£30 (£15)

£18 (£9)

On the Day


£18 (£9)


£18 (£9)

TempO and PreO

TempO and PreO Entries by

Elite courses

Standard courses

Sunday 24th Mar

£13 (£7)

£10 (£5)

On the Day

£15 (£8)

£12 (£6)

Changes to entries

Changes to entries, both to change class and to change requested start block, can be made without charge up to 24th March.  Map numbers will then be determined, along with Elite start times which we plan to publish on Wednesday 27th March.  Once the Elite start times have been published, non-elite entrants can still make changes to their entries without charge up until Sunday 31st March - for example if they have an Elite in their party and want to align their start block requests with those of their Elite. 

After 31st March, all changes to entries will incur a £5 charge per person per day.  Changes will close on 14th April, when the database will be frozen.

Entering Online

Individual entries

Please read the following notes before entering:

So if both parents are seeded and need seeded starts, they will have to ask for early and late starts respectively.

We believe the Orienteering Foundation, and the work it helps with, is something you will want to support.  Please be generous.‚Äč

Links to our entries system

Please read the whole of this web page before you start the entries process.

Click here to enter

Click here to edit entries if necessary, then follow the Fabian4 instructions.

Click here to view entry lists

Relay entries (club captains only):

Entries are now Open

Entries Close                 Sunday 31st March 2019

Senior Relay Team        £70
Junior Relay Team        £35 (Classes K, L, M & N)

Emit touch-free emiTags will be provided for all competitors, with no hiring fee.

Click here to enter the JK relays

Click here to edit JK relay entries if necessary. Team Captains should also use the edit link to declare their teams by midnight on 14 April. They will also be able to amend their declarations at the event up until noon on Sunday 21st April.

Click here to view entry lists for the JK relays

Cancellations policy: refunds will be given to cancellations by entrants as follows:-

Full details of the BOF Cancellations Policy are here 


Elite Class Entry requirements

All elite class entrants (18/20/21E) MUST have a valid IOF ID to be able to make their entry on Fabian4.  This is for World Ranking Event and seeding purposes.  Those who do not currently have an IOF ID can obtain one by following this link


and completing the short simple registration process.

Note that you will need to enter the IOF number at stage 2 of Fabian4's entry process. Do not forget to do so; otherwise you will have to go back to stage 2 and then re-enter all your subsequent entry details.

Start times will be based on IOF and British Orienteering rankings as at Monday 25th March, with top competitors starting last.  Elite entrants can request an early start block (e.g. for split start purposes) and can thus be given an earlier start time than their seeding merits but not a later one.  Entrants should ensure that their travel plans will enable them to arrive for their allocated start time, which may be quite early.

Parents of M/W18 Elites should pay particular heed to this requirement as they may not have encountered this before.

Those who are entering a number of competitors, including an Elite entrant, together need also to bear the above in mind, as it may well affect their requested start block for the remaining members of their party.  Entrants will receive an email once Elite start times have been published (planned for Wednesday 27th March), giving a short period when start block preferences for non-Elite entrants can be amended.  Once the process for allocating non-Elite start times have been started, any subsequent requests to change start times will incur a cost of £5 per person per day.

Entry numbers for Elite classes may exceed the available start times. In such cases competitors may be seeded out from the Elite classes (as per Appendix A Rule 3.7 of the British Orienteering Rules), as follows:

Athletes with doubts about their qualification should provide additional evidence of their eligibility to compete in the Elite races. Any additional evidence should be objective and based on results/non-UK ranking. Only information supplied in advance of 24th March 2019 will be considered.

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Entries from overseas

We very much welcome entries from orienteers from all parts of the world.

The UK has always been an open, welcoming and diverse country and as such welcomes overseas entrants to help make this event a truly international festival.

We believe the 2019 JK will be particularly attractive to overseas entrants:

·     All the competition days are conveniently located to the west of London, within an easy hour’s drive from Heathrow Airport (and less than 2 hours from other London airports).  For those coming to the UK by car, they are within 2 hours drive of most channel ports.

·     London is near at hand.  A world-class city, it has a wealth of tourist attractions and cultural sites, lots of shopping opportunities, masses of accommodation options and entertainment venues.

·        The region to the west of London also contains much of interest to visitors

o   Windsor, seat of the British royal family,

o   Stonehenge, one of Britain’s great archaeological mysteries

o   Many interesting towns and cities, including Oxford, Winchester and Salisbury

o   Attractive towns and villages along the Thames Valley.

o   Many stately houses and gardens.

·     English weather is renowned for being changeable and unpredictable.  However Easter falls later in 2019, which must improve the chances of good weather.  We are very much hoping that it will be pleasant and spring-like, with spring flowers coming into bloom.

·     After the fall in the value of the pound in recent years, the UK offers good value for money for overseas visitors.

Entry is very simple.  Just read the rest of this web-page for details.  Payment is in Pounds Sterling, but our entries system accepts most credit and debit cards - your bank will convert the charge to your local currency.

So do please come to the JK in 2019.  We will be delighted to see you, and you can be sure of a very warm welcome.

We strongly recommend that you have in place adequate travel insurance providing cover for any medical costs, cancellation and loss of personal belongings. You may want to take advice from your insurer or broker regarding the need for cover against any travel disruption which might arise following the UK’s departure from the EU in March 2019.

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