Jan Kjellström

International Festival

of Orienteering 2019

South Central Orienteering Association

19th April - 22nd April


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Day 4 - Relay (Minley)


Minley is near Camberley, a few miles west of Days 1 and 2 and very close to Junction 4a of the M3.

Car-Parking, Assembly and Start/Change-over are all in a compact area.


Minley is a varied military training area, mostly comprising runnable forest, with some open grass areas. Quite hilly, with plenty of contour detail and some steep slopes in places. There is a network of small winding tracks, mainly created by mountain bikers.


1:10,000 5m contours. Remapped in 2018 by Peel Land Survey to ISOM2017.


The standard British Orienteering JK Relay classes are available. These are:

A - JK Trophy

B - Women's Trophy

C - Men’s Short

D - Women’s Short

E - Senior Men (M120+) - total class ages (not actual ages) must be at least 120

F - Senior Women (W120+)

G - Veteran Men (M165+)

H - Veteran Women (W165+)

J - Ultra-Veterans (M/W210+) - total class ages must be at least 210, after the addition of 10 for each female team member.

K - Intermediary Men (M48-) - total class age must not exceed 48

L - Intermediary Women (W48-)

M - Junior Relay (M/W40-)

N - Mini Relay - all entrants must ve M/W12 or below

P - Mixed Ad Hoc - open to teams (M and/or W) made up from members of the same or different clubs

Full details of the classes and rules can be found here.


British Orienteering requires that all competitors wear clothing that fully covers the torso and legs. There may also be a requirement to carry a hooded waterproof top. If required, there will be notices.


Dogs to be kept on leads at all times. Clear up any mess.


Organiser:     Neville Baker

Planner:         Eric Harper

Controller:     Hedley Calderbank