Jan Kjellström
International Festival
of Orienteering 2024
The Midlands
29th March - 1st April
The Midlands 29th March - 1st April

Day 1: 

Day 2:

E&CC M21E appeal outcome


The outcome of the appeal against the truncation of the day 2 M21E course has now been published:

ECC JK2024 M21E Appeal V3.3.pdf


RouteGadget: https://www.jk.routegadget.co.uk/rg2/#91

Day 3:


RouteGadget https://www.jk.routegadget.co.uk/rg2/#92

Day 4:


RouteGadget https://www.jk.routegadget.co.uk/rg2/#93

JK Overall Performance Trophies

These Trophies were first awarded in 1986 at the 20th JK and have been awarded annually thereafter, bar a few gaps. It is believed to be the 31st time of awarding the Trophies at JK24. If anybody claims to have won them in ’94, ’96, ’02, ’06, ’07 then please get in touch.

The Trophies were donated by Tunnel Avebe Starches Ltd.

These Trophies are in effect an Individual Grand Slam - you have to win each individual day by as much as you can! Resting out a race is not an option to guarantee you get into the selection pool. Only the longest course in each FootO age class is eligible (A / L / E where applicable).

Once in the pool, a subjective approach is taken by a panel led by the CompassSport Editor.

Also note that any Junior on the same course as an older Junior class who gets beaten by a younger junior and any Vet who is beaten by an older runner on the same class, gets eliminated from the pool.

Women: WINNER: Rachel Baker W18E CLOK

2nd Hannah Inman W12A FVO

3rd Christine Kiddier W70L BL

4th Jenny Thompson W80 TVOC

5th Hilary Palmer W75 NOC

6th Sarah Rollins SN W45L

Men: WINNER: Roger Maher SO M85

2ndJames Hammond M18E FVO

3rd= Quentin Harding CLARO M60L & John Embrey M65L SROC


Wendy Carlyle

JK Sprint 2024 Loughborough University | Flickr

JK Middle Distance 2024 Beaudesert | Flickr

JK Long Distance 2024 Beaudesert | Flickr

JK Relay 2024 Stanton Moor | Flickr

Rob Lines

JK Sprint and PreO

JK Middle and Long

JK Relay